Haarith Hashmi

Islamic Lawyer


Haarith Hashmi is a powerful Ulama in Kavala. His writings on Sharia and legal work representing Muslims on Altis are world renowned. He can often be found at mosque leading worship. For 30 years he has devoted his life to furthering the interest of Muslims on Altis. He is openly anti-Western, consistently decrying Western culture as demonic, pornographic, drug addicted, disrespectful, feminized, and degenerate. In his most recent address broadcast on Public Television across Altis he matter-of-factly described the decades long demographic decline of Westerners as God’s hand among the unbelievers, bringing them to the brink of extinction and leaving their lands empty for the taking. Much of Altis has become retirement territory, and the average age of the non-Muslim population is over 50. Non-Muslim Alteans have hovered under replacement levels of reproductions for decades as Muslim children have come to fill the birthing wards in hospitals across Altis.
He has close ties with the Persian Superpower, Iran. Iran has become a powerful influence in the Mediterranean. Although Iran has become more moderate with its rise in economic power, they are still predominantly Shia, and still essentially theocratic. This moderate-theocratic-economic arrangement has lent itself well to funding more extremist movements abroad while itself maintaining a moderate profile in the international community. Iran is widely suspected of funding and arming Shia Muslims around the world. Haarith Hashami has close ties to Iranian scholars and businessmen. This relationship has drawn the interest of Western intelligence. Many suspect that if Hashami is elected in September, or even before election day, open violence will break out across Altis, and a proxy war will begin in the region. The proxy war would most likely involve Iran against the West, including Western allies such as the Greek Junta, the Americans, and the British. Russia is expected to stay entirely neutral.


Haarith Hashmi

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