ArmA 3: Operation Witchcraft

Session 2
A total disaster

A single operator began the day surveilling a seaborne shipment on the docks of Kavala. While he was photographing the crew and cargo he was discovered by a CSAT patrol. As they attempted to question him (he had his binos out and pointed toward the shipment) he fled and was wounded. He was able to hide until Kerry extracted him by dispatching a driver and taking him to medical.

Kerry analyzed the photos (turned out to be a CSAT weapons shipment) and had them brought to the data center for further review. After 2 hours of using traffic cameras and social media they were able to track the boxed cargo truck from the docks to a local business in town. Kerry gave the operative the address of the business. The operator chose to recon the local business from afar. Law enforcement had a long conversation with the operative’s driver which resulted in his fleeing the scene on foot. The operative eventually tailed the cargo truck to a location outside of town where CSAT forces were standing by. The operator tailed too closely and was discovered by a civilian with a pistol and killed.

Another operator was dispatched along with FIA forces to assault the shipment. The operative took position on a hilltop 500m out and provided supporting sniper fire while the main FIA assault went up the entrance to the compound. A protracted battle resulted in the operator fleeing the scene while law local enforcement mopped up the dead bodies and took custody of the weapons shipment.

While the operator was en route to HQ via back country off road travel he was attacked by a CSAT gunship. He leaped from the vehicle as a missile struck the truck, and narrowly survived! He commandeered a local quad bike and was treated at medical.

Kerry reports the day back to NATO as a total cluster. The first operative was blown and killed, and the assault was a failure. However, 4GW has learned that CSAT is present in force and was willing to go heavy with gunships in the theater. ISSI was not evident during the operation. Law enforcement has commandeered a cache of weapons that is, in all likelihood, going to end up in the hands of CSAT and ISSI anyways, after the corrupt Islamist police agents among the force work their magic.

Session 1
SDDS (Same day different stuff)

First test run with some randoms online. Went pretty well. Had some ideas that I will implement next session and thought of some ways to enforce role play.


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