Local Law Enforcement
Majority Twelver Shi’a, minority non-Muslim. Higher ranks tend to be Muslim. This extreme “diversity in the workplace” makes for rampant corruption and cronyism, as well as hostility between departments, officers, and agents.

FIA Militia
Motivation: To disrupt the Islamist agenda by force. Comprised of various factions, any willing to take up arms and shed blood for Altis are invited to work with the militia. 4GW currently trusts and works with FIA, despite concerns about moles in their network. Kerry keeps them at arm’s length.

Intelligence and Security Services of Iran (ISSI)
Motivation: To operate in Iran’s interest, bringing about an Islamic Twelver religious state, implementing sharia law and allying Altis with Iran. ISSI uses subterfuge to bolster democracy so that Islamists can vote to end democracy in Altis.

Motivation: The Canton Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty formed several Eastern nations into one transnational military body. Known as CSAT, these forces operate mainly under the influences of Iran, similar to the way that NATO operates mostly under American influence.

NATO 4GW Mandate
Motivation: NATO approved the creation of a new war-fighting asset to meet the demands of 4th Generation Warfare. The nature of 4GW is elusive. It is centered on the fact that states have effectively lost sovereignty over their battlefields, uniformed soldiers are rarely employed, and all forms of influence (from cell phone hacking to social media psy ops) are utilized to influence the international stage. NATO utilizes operatives from all member nations in addition to private intelligence and private security firms worldwide.

Majority Muslims: Shia “Twelvers”
Motivation: Implementation of Ja’fari jurisprudence (also known as sharia law) on Altis and establishment of an official Islamic Republic.

Golden Dawn
Motivation: Revival and preservation of traditional Altean culture, Western style democracy or Western Democratic Republicanism. Nationalists are often perceived by foreign Westerners as racist, fascist, or nazi.

Punk rockers, communists, anti-communists, drug dealers, libertines, and the lawless youth all in general form what is esentially a chaotic subculture of anarchy in Altis.

Altean Civil Government
Majority Twelver Shi’a, working in the public sector and patronizing Muslims over non-believers whenever possible.

Orthodox Christians
Traditional conservative non-Westernized Christians who do not care for democracy or Islam. Typically non-violent but not strictly against eventual violence.

Progressive “Elitists
Multiculturalists and international business people with corporations and homes on Altis. Have long controlled the major media outlets and are motivated to maintain control of their enterprises despite open attempts by Muslims to remove them from their privileges. Stubbornly cling to their progressive beliefs in the face of personal harm as a form of moral courage and personal pride. They are convinced that Muslims will eventually Westernize, as long as democracy and peace is preserved.

Minority Civilians: Sufi & Sunni Kurds & other moderate Westernized Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, non-religious, secularists, etc.
Motivation: Varies; typically perceived as “secular” or “liberal” due to their affection for drinking and entertainment.

Foreign Influences
Iran – The global stage is set for Iran to continue its rise to great power in the Mediterranean region. Iran is also an Islamic Republic, and Altean Muslims are closely aligned with Iranian theology and political science. Iran sees Altis as another expansion in its growing reach, full of mineral resources and modernized factories.

Greece – The Greeks have rattled around the drain for decades. As anarchists and communists continued to disrupt the multinational globalist’s leftist plans for Greece, the Fascist/nationalist Golden Dawn stepped in with a military coup. The country has been run by a military junta, Greece’s Second Junta, for a decade now. Greece’s situation is beyond complicated, with Golden Dawn both censoring & torturing dissidents as well as tolerating & accommodating other dissidents based on how useful those dissidents are to the Junta’s foreign and domestic relations. An anarchist punk rocker that stands against Islamic fundamentalism and statist leftism is a temporary ally to the Junta- at least until someone in the Junta changes his mind and throws him in prison and bans all his albums.


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