Password to play

If you found Operation Witchcraft outside of the ArmA server list, then please send me a private message in Obsidian Portal. Also, I typically play on the Zeus Official Server US-NY#4

By giving the password to join this game you hereby declare that:

- You will treat all players with respect and professionalism.

- You will role play your character to a reasonable degree. Death is permanent as far as your dead operator is concerned.

- You will accept THE BOOT if you are obnoxious, cheating, or otherwise disruptive.

- You will use a microphone and have your sound turned on, if you can.

- You should try to join the TeamSpeak server at and go into the room where “Earl” is.

- The password is: Leatherneck. I may or may not ask for it.

Password to play

ArmA 3: Operation Witchcraft Warfighter1_1