Story So Far

  • 2034, Altis:
    The island nation of Altis has changed drastically over the last 50 years. What was once a typical Western democracy has slowly changed into a virtual Islamic state. Islamic voices have drowned out the public square and daily call for the election of a Muslim cleric Haarith Hashmi. The cleric has promised to support and sign several anti-liberty bills and has in his past spoken fondly of the jizya- a Muslim tax on non-believers living within Muslim lands. Although the Muslims proclaim what are viewed as extreme anti-Western policies, their organizational methods have been mostly democratic. After having secured the Congress in elections past, much of the judiciary over a span of 40 years, and occupying the vast majority of public sector employment— Muslims are in a position to democratically reforge the ancient island nation of Altis into one more of their liking, and more in line with the Great Persian Superpower: Iran.

Soon, the nation will head to the polls, and Kavala is expected to easily carry the vote, assuredly installing the Muslim cleric. No other polling center will be able to stop the Islamic tide that lives and rules from Kavala. Local nationalists have mobilized and formed a militia, and Muslims- although almost entirely non-violent for the past 40 years, are preparing to meet them in the streets to protect the polls. The nationalists consist of a rag tag group of strange bedfellows, including Orthodox Christians, fascists, punk rockers, and even some moderate Muslims who enjoy Western liberty and don’t want to see things change.

The Muslim majority is bolstered by the presence of Progressive multi-culturalists who accuse any critique of the Islamic agenda as racism. These Progressives have maintained control over the media and most major industries on Altis, using their power to focus on violent Greek militias as opposed to Islamic crime and misbehavior. Many of the government employees and politicians that are not Islamic are Progressives. However, some of these progressive elites have begun to see the writing on the wall, and are unsure of their international businesses headquartered on Altis. Some fear their enterprises will eventually be nationalized and are perhaps open to persuasion. Iran, the Persian Superpower, has also promised to observe the elections in Kavala, and it would not be impossible for them to have stationed operatives in Kavala

The tactics of the resistance militia, the FIA, have been heavy handed at times. Some of them have indiscriminately attacked anyone who fails to speak Greek in public. They are also at odds with what remains of the Progressive party in government. The official languages of Altis are Farsi (Persian), Arabic, Greek, and English. Most Greek adult citizens speak fluent English due to their public education in the old system. The new education system, run by Islamic influences, do not teach English anymore. Many Arabs and Persians do not speak English or Greek. Most Greeks do not speak Farsi or Arabic.

Story So Far

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