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Gentlemen, welcome to Operation Witchcraft.


I know you all come from around the world ready to conduct covert field operations under NATO’s 4GW Mandate. It is not my business to ask where you are from or how you got here. It is my job to tell you what to do and it is your job to obey my orders. My name is Kerry. I am a radical Greek nationalist militiaman from Stratis. That is my cover story. I expect you to have a cover as well. If you are captured or killed in the field you will not be remembered. You will be utterly forgotten. You are nobody. You are nothing. You are your cover. Maintain your cover. Do not leave the safe spaces of our operation with weapons or kit visible to the public. The locals will call the police, or worse. Everyone is on the lookout for political trouble makers.

Good luck, gentlemen.

You can be briefed and given an assignment by attending to the wiki page.


Home Page

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