Western Annex (HQ)

Located in Kavala, headed by Operation Witchcraft’s ranking intel operative, Kerry. The Annex is in a commercial high rise so that high volume foot and mobile traffic appears normal to CSAT drones and satellites; hiding in plain sight. There is a weapons depot, a trauma center, a detention center, a motor pool, and a data center located in and around Kavala.

Kavala also has important local spots, such as a police station, a hospital, a polling center, a slum, businesses, etc.

Eastern Ops Center (HQ)

Located in Pyrgos, the safe house is run by agent Stavrou. It has all the same resources as the Western Ops Center.

Diplomatic Consulate

Located in Athira, it is the official State Department facility for U.S. diplomats stationed on Altis.


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