Operation Witchcraft

Operation Witchcraft is the clandestine effort to sway the future of Altis. NATO’s Fourth Generation Warfare Mandate (4GW) has authorized operations in Altis and Stratis to effect a Western-friendly election later this year in Kavala, where the vote is currently expected to be carried by a theocratic Muslim voting bloc. NATO operatives are currently working closely with FIA, a local militia organizing against the Islamists as the big election draws near.

The operation is typical of its kind:

  • Bribing of politicians, businesses, security, and army high-ranking officials,
  • Developing pro-coup/anti Muslim propaganda.
  • Selling arms to opposing forces, gun running, smuggling.
  • Capturing/assassinating high value targets.
  • Computer hacking, surveilling and tracking of liabilities and assets.

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Operation Witchcraft

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